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Our Etobicoke location is at 101 Westmore Drive, Suite 201, which is on the second floor (elevators available). The nearest major intersection is Finch and Hwy 27. Stairwell access to the second floor is on either side of the building, marked NORTH ENTRANCE on the left, and SOUTH ENTRANCE on the right. Elevator access is on the SOUTH side of the building only.


Our Oakville location is at 627 Lyons Lane, level B1, the nearest major intersection being Trafalgar Rd. and the QEW (Trafalgar Rd. exit). Once through the main doors of the building, you can take the stairs or elevator to level B1. The entrance to the clinic is clearly marked: Oakville Fertility & Woman’s Health Centre.

Outlined below are the steps that you need to begin the process of procreation! Our main goal is to help you build your family, but we also want to make your experience the best possible in trying to achieve that goal.


  • The first thing we need is a referral from your physician.
  • Upon receiving your referral, we will contact you within 24-48 hours to book your initial consultation and your appointment will be made as soon as the doctor can see you.
  • At your first appointment we will require your health card and the health card of your partner (if applicable).
  • While you wait, enjoy some complementary reading material, an Internet connection, a courtesy phone. Waiting times can vary from day to day, and patients are seen on a first come, first served basis. If you require a letter excusing you from work, then we will be happy to provide you with one.
  • On your first visit, you will have a consultation with the doctor, who will take your medical history, perform a physical examination, an ultrasound check (in most cases), and blood testing.
  • At the end of the first visit, the doctor will then decide on an individual treatment plan.
  • Follow up appointments and visits will be scheduled as required. Don’t forget to bring your Health Card to every visit!

If you have a partner, they should accompany you on your first visit, if possible. Please ensure they bring their Health Card.

At the first visit your partner can expect the doctor to take your medical history and to have blood tests performed in most cases. For men, a semen analysis is often required at a future date.

Semen specimens can provide in the clinic or be brought from home. If brought from home, the specimen should be brought to the clinic within 45 minutes from production and kept against the body during transport (typically under your armpit).

Generally, a cycle takes about 2-3 weeks. You are only required to come to the clinic on some of these days. It would be necessary to be off from work on the day of the insemination.

Yes. We are a full-service clinic and offer services to women and men of all marital statuses. We will help you make the steps toward your fertility needs.

These are blood tests. They will give an indication of how well your ovaries are functioning for fertility purposes. If your ovarian reserve is consistently low, you may not respond well to fertility drugs and therefore you may not be a candidate for IUI. The doctor will advise you regarding the steps to take regarding treatment. You may be advised to consider donor egg programs if your AMH is low or your FSH remains consistently elevated.

Fertility medications may stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple follicles (egg sacs). You may feel bloated and/or have abdominal distention as these follicles grow towards the end of the cycle. The doctor will adjust these medications depending on your age, diagnosis and treatment plan. Generally, for IUI you will be required to take daily injections. Our registered nurse can teach you or your partner how to inject these medications. You are also welcome to complete all of your daily injections in our clinic.

Each drug plan has their own specific rules so it is wise to check with your drug plan BEFORE starting treatment. Coverage varies between insurance companies; some insurance companies have a lifetime maximum or a certain dollar value while other companies cover a maximum number of cycles per lifetime. Unfortunately, some insurance plans do not cover fertility medications at all. We are happy to provide you with the DIN’s (drug identification numbers) or a letter to submit to your plan to pre-authorize your medications.

If you have a private health care plan, you should check with your health insurance group to find out all the coverage for your treatments and medications.  You will still be required to pay all fees upfront, and then you can claim them with your health insurance group to be reimbursed for the expenses. We will provide with an appropriate invoice and information for the reimbursement.

A careful evaluation of your situation will be done including your husband’s bloodwork and semen analysis. We also work closely with several urologists who may be able to suggest various options.

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